Gridcoin - GRC charts and information

Fundamental cryptocurrency data

Description Value
Symbol GRC
Name Gridcoin
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin 171.03 BTC
Mined coins till now 0.00 GRC
Marketcap 0.00 BTC
0.00 USD
0.00 EUR
0.00 CNY
0.00 GBP
0.00 CHF
0.00 CAD
0.00 JPY
0.00 AUD
0.00 ZAR
GRC Prices 0.0155900 mBTC
0.0333158 USD
0.0300108 EUR
0.2323690 CNY
0.0204526 GBP
0.0313198 CHF
0.0365072 CAD
3.6323416 JPY
0.0373257 AUD
0.3691271 ZAR
0.00002487 oz GOLD (= 0.00 grams)
0.00157895 oz SILVER (= 0.04 grams)
Official website GRC Website

Gridcoin description

GridCoin is a new peer-to-peer internet based cryptocurrency that aims to provide real benefits to humanity by compensating the coin miners for participating in BOINC projects that may lead to advances in medicine, biology, mathematics, science, climatology, and astrophysics by concentrating a large percentage of the computational power towards BOINC research - instead of generating unnecessary heat and wasted power for the proof of work algorithms required to keep the coin network running.

Trading markets for Gridcoin

Market Pair Price Volume
Poloniex GRC/BTC 0.01559 mBTC 147.2137 BTC
Bittrex GRC/BTC 0.01552 mBTC 22.1896 BTC
C-Cex GRC/BTC 0.01454 mBTC 1.5894 BTC
C-Cex GRC/USD 0.03999 USD 0.0338 BTC
C-Cex GRC/DOGE 9.9900 DOGE 0.0042 BTC
BanxIO GRC/BTC 0.02334 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
SWISSCEX GRC/BTC 0.08000 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
C-Cex GRC/ETH 0.00677 ETH 0.0000 BTC
C-Cex GRC/LTC 0.00772 LTC 0.0000 BTC

GRC/BTC historical orderbook on Poloniex


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