Mastercoin - MSC charts and information

Fundamental cryptocurrency data

Description Value
Symbol MSC
Name Mastercoin
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin 0.00 BTC
Mined coins till now 563,162.00 MSC
Marketcap 1,409.68 BTC
1,954,380.35 USD
1,695,845.04 EUR
12,434,646.31 CNY
1,199,792.14 GBP
1,837,289.52 CHF
2,141,594.35 CAD
213,081,201.87 JPY
2,189,605.66 AUD
21,653,811.18 ZAR
MSC Prices 0.0025032 BTC
3.4703810 USD
3.0113015 EUR
22.080124 CNY
2.1304634 GBP
3.2624636 CHF
3.8028158 CAD
378.36696 JPY
3.8880691 AUD
38.450538 ZAR
0.00259080 oz GOLD (= 0.07 grams)
0.16447303 oz SILVER (= 4.66 grams)
Official website MSC Website

Mastercoin description

Mastercoins (MSC) as a token, not the protocol, facilitate the creation and trading of smart properties and user currencies, as well as other types of smart contracts. They serve as the exchange point between bitcoins (BTC), smart properties and smart contracts created on top of the Mastercoin Protocol.

Trading markets for Mastercoin

Market Pair Price Volume
Bter MSC/BTC 0.51210 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
C-Cex MSC/BTC 0.00250 BTC 0.0000 BTC
MasterXchange MSC/BTC 0.00680 BTC 0.0000 BTC MSC/BTC 0.10000 BTC 0.0000 BTC
Poloniex MSC/BTC 0.01250 BTC 0.0000 BTC

MSC/BTC historical orderbook on Bter


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