NasCoin - NAS charts and information

Fundamental cryptocurrency data

Description Value
Symbol NAS
Name NasCoin
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin 0.00 BTC
Mined coins till now 10,000,000,000.00 NAS
Marketcap 2,600.00 BTC
3,604,640.00 USD
3,123,874.00 EUR
22,934,340.00 CNY
2,212,884.89 GBP
3,388,678.81 CHF
3,949,935.67 CAD
393,004,884.00 JPY
4,038,487.26 AUD
39,938,077.48 ZAR
NAS Prices 0.0002600 mBTC
0.3604640 mUSD
0.3123874 mEUR
0.0022934 CNY
0.2212885 mGBP
0.3388679 mCHF
0.3949936 mCAD
0.0393005 JPY
0.4038487 mAUD
0.0039938 ZAR
0.00000027 oz GOLD (= 0.00 grams)
0.00001708 oz SILVER (= 0.00 grams)
Official website NAS Website

NasCoin description

It's a fork of NXT's source code, All of the features are with NXT.
-Block Dice(in progress.)
-Chat Room(in progress.)
-Multi Gateway(in progress.)
And it is a 2nd generation, scalable cryptocurrency offering a novel method of
eco-friendly mining. Nas features are outside the scope of regular altcoins.

Trading markets for NasCoin

Market Pair Price Volume
DGEX NAS/BTC 0.00001 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
Poloniex NAS/BTC 0.00001 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
Bter NAS/BTC 0.00010 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
BTC38 NAS/BTC 0.00026 mBTC 0.0000 BTC

NAS/BTC historical orderbook on DGEX


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