PayCoin - PYC charts and information

Fundamental cryptocurrency data

Description Value
Symbol PYC
Name PayCoin
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin 0.00 BTC
Mined coins till now 0.00 PYC
Marketcap 0.00 BTC
0.00 USD
0.00 EUR
0.00 CNY
0.00 GBP
0.00 CHF
0.00 CAD
0.00 JPY
0.00 AUD
0.00 ZAR
PYC Prices 0.0050000 mBTC
0.0114415 USD
0.0100194 EUR
0.0757450 CNY
0.0070239 GBP
0.0107560 CHF
0.0125375 CAD
1.2474381 JPY
0.0128186 AUD
0.1267676 ZAR
0.00000854 oz GOLD (= 0.00 grams)
0.00054225 oz SILVER (= 0.02 grams)
Official website PYC Website

PayCoin description

Paycoin is a fork of Novacoin/Florincoin/CosmosCoin with very fast transaction time for instant payment. It uses both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake and effectively resistant to 51% attack. The difficulty re-targeted each block. The total coins mined will be 30,000,000 coins with 3 coins per block.

Trading markets for PayCoin

Market Pair Price Volume
CoinEX PYC/BTC 0.06120 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
Comkort PYC/BTC 0.00500 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
Cryptsy PYC/BTC 0.00132 mBTC 0.0000 BTC
Comkort PYC/DOGE 0.10115 mDOGE 0.0000 BTC
Comkort PYC/LTC 0.00150 LTC 0.0000 BTC

PYC/BTC historical orderbook on CoinEX


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