OCEANWAVE - WAVES charts and information

Fundamental cryptocurrency data

Description Value
Symbol WAVES
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin 49.43 BTC
Mined coins till now 1,000.00 WAVES
Marketcap 0.26 BTC
269.99 USD
246.81 EUR
1,878.65 CNY
165.74 GBP
253.81 CHF
295.85 CAD
29,435.97 JPY
302.48 AUD
2,991.35 ZAR
WAVES Prices 0.2606300 mBTC
0.2699866 USD
0.2468088 EUR
1.8786471 CNY
0.1657445 GBP
0.2538112 CHF
0.2958492 CAD
29.435966 JPY
0.3024817 AUD
2.9913518 ZAR
0.00020156 oz GOLD (= 0.01 grams)
0.01279557 oz SILVER (= 0.36 grams)

OCEANWAVE description

With OCEAN WAVE you can already feel the ocean breeze, of the luxury life that awaits you. OCEAN WAVE is an NXT based currency backed by a gambling investment fund, the issuer sold coins will be invested in trusted places such as MoneyPot, Betking and Satoshidice. The profits it generates will be used to buy up the currency, ensuring that the price will always grow. This is not a ponzi scheme because only the profit is used to buy up the coins, while the capital will stay safe in the investment wallets generating more. This method ensures that the price will always go up, and that you will become eventually rich, and can live the luxury life you wanted on a beach near the ocean. When that happens you will remember that OCEAN WAVE made you rich!

Trading markets for OCEANWAVE

Market Pair Price Volume
Bittrex WAVES/BTC 0.26063 mBTC 49.2897 BTC
YoBit WAVES/BTC 0.28293 mBTC 0.1427 BTC
NXT Monetary System WAVES/NXT 120.000 NXT 0.0000 BTC

WAVES/BTC historical orderbook on Bittrex


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