Investor Relations

Become an investor and grab a share of CCC

Now you are able participate on the success of CryptoCoinCharts by buying CCC shares on NXT asset exchange.

As CCC shareholder you get:

  • If profit is generated it will be paid monthly as dividend.
  • Profits are mainly generate by ad income on the website.
  • Expenses are only server and domain fees.
  • The operator is also holding shares and also gets paid by dividends.

Official NXT asset symbol: 15019939154479467989
Official NXT asset name: CCC

How to invest?

If you want to grab some shares you have to trade on the NXT asset exchange. You are not familiar with the NXT system? Then there is SecureAE as easy solution. Click here to invest with your BTC.

History of CryptoCoinCharts

It all started 2012 with Litecoin and the lack of some good historic charts for it. The first website went public at August 2012 with the domain and it was only about Litecoin with price feeds of BTC-e. The release was announced on Litecointalk and its still online!

Since that the community liked the charts and quickly wanted to see some charts of many other altcoins thats why i started with a new codebase and the new name "CryptoCoinCharts" (be aware we have nothing todo with Coinmarketcap!)

With CryptoCoinCharts i improved the cronjobs which are fetching all the prices from all the exchanges and nowadays new Altcoins and Trading pairs are automatically added if the pop up at any exchange by our scripts.

Asset exchanges of CryptoCoinCharts (CCC)

CCC was the first asset on the (now closed) famous Litecoinglobal Asset exchange and the first shares were sold for about 10 LTC (= 50 US Cent). Listed there we paid out more than 1200 LTC, which was worth about 4000 USD. Unfortunately Litecoinglobal had to stop operations so we moved to Cryptostocks which got involved into a hack some months later. As final step CCC shares are now traded on the decentralized NXT Asset Exchange which isnt hackable nor it has to shutdown.


Give me your ideas!

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