QuadrigaCX information

Cryptocoin market statistics

Trading pairs 5
Overall volume (24h) 2,344.26 BTC
5,684,853.94 USD
4,900,344.99 EUR
Last data update 2017-06-26 16:04:51
1 h, 23 min, 27 sec ago
Website QuadrigaCX website

Quadriga CX is a Canadian Cryptocurrency exchange platform, with offices in Vancouver, BC.

Trading pairs on QuadrigaCX

This bubble chart shows all trading pairs which are tradeable on QuadrigaCX with their total BTC volume over the last 24 hours.

Name Price Volume
ETH/CAD 369.950 CAD 11,530.37 ETH 4,320,587.05 CAD 1,200.54 BTC
ETH/BTC 0.10100 BTC 5,234.24 ETH 559.19 BTC 559.19 BTC
BTC/CAD 3,404.8 CAD 508.31 BTC 1,735,487.73 CAD 508.31 BTC
BTC/USD 2,719.0 USD 61.76 BTC 163,209.72 USD 61.76 BTC
BTC/XAU 0.21000 XAU 0.00 BTC 0.00 XAU 0.00 BTC

Volume distribution by trading pairs on QuadrigaCX


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