Completed ICO list

The following is a list of Initial Coin Offerings which completed their funding phase. ICOs that are traded are linked to their crypto stats page.



    Name Raised Description Category Website Completed on  
  Dether 0.00 ETH Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network; enabling anyone who has a smartphone to buy and sell ether using cash and spend it at physical stores listed on the Dether map.. Finance 21st February, 2018  
  GRAFT (GRFT) 0.00 ETH GRAFT is a Merchant-friendly blockchain that resolves major issues that stand in the way of cryptocurrency being accepted at the point of sale. Payments 18th February, 2018  
  e-Chat (ECHT) 0.00 ETH E-chat is the first decentralized multi-tasking messenger with capabilities of a multi-currency crypto-wallet. Communications 15th February, 2018  
  CREDITS (CS) 0.00 ETH CREDITS is a platform with completely new technical network capabilities, speed, cost of transactions and total number of operations per second. It offers a solution to low speeds and high transaction costs, expanding the potential blockchain technology has for the financial industry and the Internet of Things. Infrastructure 15th February, 2018  
  Lamden (TAU) 0.00 ETH Lamden’s TAU is a token that facilitates interoperability and blockchain dev tools. Infrastructure 15th February, 2018  
  Labrys (LAB) 0.00 ETH Labrys are bringing bonds to blockchain by building a tokenized bond issuance and investment platform. Users can earn interest from bond investments through client-controlled wallet. Finance 15th February, 2018  
  3D-Token (3DT) 0.00 ETH 2.5 Million € of European funding for innovation, 3 patents, 4 international awards for research and development, over 20 publications for a network robot workforce based on technology and know-how sharing with 50 Hubs and 100 3D-Printers installed now. 1000 Hubs and 3000 3D-Printers in 2019. Manufacturing 11th February, 2018  
  Inserviss Setcoins (SET) 0.00 ETH Inserviss plans on building a platform for financing development & integration mobile/blockchain platform. Marketing for getting Critical Mass & Network Effect. Commodities 1st February, 2018  
  DADI (DADI) 0.00 ETH DADI is a global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Infrastructure 29th January, 2018  
  TravelFlex Coin (TRF) 0.00 ETH Travelflex is a new cryptocurrency that is aiming to solve the scalability issues that other coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Travel & Tourisim 14th January, 2018  
  MOLD (MLD) 0.00 ETH MOLD has set on becoming a decentralized game community, handling crowdfunding for games through smart contracts. Gaming & VR 9th January, 2018  
  Cryptonetix (CNX) 0.00 ETH Cryptonetix aims to become the go-to platform for managing assets, analysis and education as well as funding for cryptocurrency markets. Data Analytics 31st December, 2017  
  ChainTrade Coin (CTC) 16,962.14 ETH ChainTrade claims to be the first blockchain-based project for the purpose of trading food and other raw materials. Trading & Investing 31st December, 2017  
  Adshares (ADST) 4,874.76 ETH Adshares is building a decentralized and peer-to-peer marketplace for advertisements, connecting advertised and publishers directly. All with the use of their ICO coin. Advertising 31st December, 2017  
  Exxor (EXX) 0.00 ETH Exxor is a distributed ledger protocol for the Internet Of Things. It is a Directed Acyclic Graph with its own currency EXX which is required to execute transactions in the network. Infrastructure 30th December, 2017  
  FluzFluz (FLUZ) 0.00 ETH FLuz is one of the first off-the-chain projects potentially introducing millions of people to the concept of a cash back consumer network. Infrastructure 30th December, 2017  
  Arker (ARKER) 0.00 ETH Arker is the first RPG online video game that rewards the user with a cryptocurrency. Gaming 30th December, 2017  
  Spectiv (SIGS) 0.00 ETH Spectiv is an open-source protocol to decentralize attention markets across all media platforms, starting with Spectiv Virtual Reality as the foundational use case. Gaming & VR 29th December, 2017  
  ALLOY (ALLOY) 0.00 ETH Alloy aims to offer real World Rewards for Virtual Currencies to mobilize $360bn worth of Reward points that go unredeemed each year by using Global Rewards Network that brings Consumers, Brands and Publishers on one platform. Rewards 25th December, 2017  
  CryptoCopy (COPY) 0.00 ETH CryptoCopy is a platform that allows users to track and copy successful cryptocurrency investors. It has a daily updated list of most successful traders. In return it is giving dividends to all investors of the ICO, depending on how much was invested. Trading & Investing 25th December, 2017  
  Arbitrage Crypto Trader (ACT) 0.00 ETH The goal of the project is the availability of a convenient interbourse arbitrage trade. Finance 25th December, 2017  
  TokenDesk (TDS) 0.00 ETH Tokendesk sets upon building the first direct ICO coin marketplace for all crowdsale tokens. Trading & Investing 24th December, 2017  
  SophiaTX (SPHTX) 0.00 ETH SophiaTX is a Blockchain Platform and Marketplace that integrates business applications and solutions into a collaborative environment. As an open source platform, it contains integration APIs to SAP and other enterprise software, covering leading ERP, CRM and SCM systems. Infrastructure 17th December, 2017  
  VISO (VITO) 0.00 ETH This ICO has already gone through 0.80% of its planned crowdfunding time Finance 15th December, 2017  
  ReporterCommunity (NEWSTOKEN) 0.00 ETH Reporter Community is out to killing fake news through blockchain verifiable, reliable user generated image and video content to the public, media and news agencies. Publishing 15th December, 2017  
  Fiinu (FNU) 146.45 ETH Fiinu is a fully licensed UK bank, bridging the gap between traditional banking and the blockchain-based industries, currently undergoing the Bank of England’s authorisation process. Finance 10th December, 2017  
  XMAS Token (XMAS) 0.00 ETH Santa Claus has joined the crypto world and it's launching his XMAS token! Forget about chimney, now the Xmas gifts are sent through blockchain! Events & Entertainment 9th December, 2017  
  WaBi (PWB) 0.00 ETH WaBi aims to incentivize the individual engagement needed to ensure collective security for the users and to be used in a loyalty program to reward customers whose purchases help grow the Walimai platform. Anti-Counterfeiting 7th December, 2017  
  FundRequest (FND) 0.00 ETH FundRequest is a platform with the goal of financially incentivising developers to address bugs and contribute features to projects via crowdfunding. Finance 1st December, 2017  
  Publica (PBL) 0.00 ETH Publica claims to be bringing the blockchain revolution for the publishing economy. Privacy & Security 1st December, 2017 (GTC) 0.00 ETH plans on creating blockcchain-based services for the global gaming community. Gaming 30th November, 2017 (ERT) 0.00 ETH Esports is an ICO with the goal of creating the biggest eSports portal in the world. Gaming 30th November, 2017  
  Bonpay (BON) 0.00 ETH Bonpay is a convenient multi-currency wallet offering a card that can be loaded with cryptocurrencies and ehtereum coins. Payments 28th November, 2017  
  Storiqa (STQ) 0.00 ETH Storiqa is building a blockchain powered worldwide marketplace for local businesses. Advertising 25th November, 2017  
  DreamTeam (DTT) 0.00 ETH DreamTeam is a recruitment and management platform for e-sports. Gaming 24th November, 2017  
  Stack (STK) 0.00 ETH Stack is a platform for personal finances based on the idea that the use of money should be free. Payments 24th November, 2017  
  Simple Token (ST) 0.00 ETH Simple Token is an ecosystem and software suite that lets mainstream consumer applications launch their own tokens. Infrastructure 21st November, 2017  
  Raiden (RDN) 0.00 ETH Raiden poses as an off-chain scalling solution with the aim of enabling low-fee and near-instant transactions. Payments 21st November, 2017  
  IUNGO (ING) 0.00 ETH IUNGO is a plug and play solution for providing wireless internet. Communications 19th November, 2017  
  Airporn (XXX) 0.00 ETH Airporn plans to become a blockchain powered 'porn marketplace' by building the first adult entertainment website integraded with decentralized technology. Events & Entertainment 14th November, 2017  
  Bankera (BNK) 0.00 ETH Bankera is developed to leverage Spectrocoin's regulatory and technological infrastructure as a bank for the blockchain era. Finance 14th November, 2017  
  PlusCoin (PLC) 0.33 ETH Pluscoin is an ethereum coin offering a cashback service. Advertising 10th November, 2017  
  kubera (KRB) 0.00 ETH Kubera is creating a gaming platform which is powered by Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. Gaming 10th November, 2017 (ACT) 0.00 ETH Brickblock is an ethereum ICO with the goal of bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and real world assets. Finance 9th November, 2017  
  Slot (SLOT) 0.00 ETH Slot is a transformative game of chance, the first ever operated entirely on the blockchain ledger and instantly verifiable on any blockchain explorer. Gambling & Betting 9th November, 2017  
  UTRUST (UTK) 0.00 ETH Utrust is a platform set to empower buyers with cryptocurrency and a unique buyer protection mechanism. Payments 8th November, 2017  
  CrowdWiz (WIZ) 12,656.53 ETH CrowdWiz is an ecosystem with the goal of cutting off the middleman in investing by utilizing the wisdom of the crowd to decentralize investing. Trading & Investing 1st November, 2017  
  Electroneum (ETN) 42,058.31 ETH Electroneum is an ICO coin catering to users of mobile technology. With a secure mobile wallet and an easy-to-access mining technology it's set to act as a gateway to the cryptocurrency world for newcomers. Infrastructure 31st October, 2017  
  TokenStars ACE (ACE) 0.00 ETH ACE TokenStars is a blockchain-based celebrity management platform that applies decentralized scouting and community voting to ensure transparent engagement for celebrities, fans, brands and advertisers. Events & Entertainment 31st October, 2017  
  Nocta (NOCTA) 0.00 ETH Nocta is the first worldwide platform for organizing sex leisure, allowing to accurately adjust customer's plan for leisure in any city in the world. Events & Entertainment 30th October, 2017  
  SnipCoin (SNP) 16,630.50 ETH Snip is a platform for summarized news, powered by the community and decentralized. Content Management 28th October, 2017  
  CHEX Token (CHX) 38.66 ETH The CHEX is modular marketplace technology to power supply chain distribution and B2B exchange, developed and beta launched in Cannabis industry via Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) platform. Commodities 24th October, 2017  
  Dmarket 0.00 ETH DMarket is building a decentralized solution for the exchange of virtual items; allowing gamers, developers and entrepreneurs to securely evaluate and trade their virtual possessions as if they were commodities. Gaming 17th October, 2017  
  Starbase (STAR) 0.00 ETH Starbase is going after the market of crowdfunding and is planning to connect investors and innovators by making access to ICO technology for funding easier. Finance 15th October, 2017  
  IGNIS (IGNIS) 0.00 ETH Ignis will be a "child chain" udner the Ardor platform, developed by the team behind the now established NXT. Infrastructure 14th October, 2017  
  Cindicator (CND) 55,569.45 ETH Cindicator is a platform harnessing collective and artificial intelligence for market predictions under a decentralized system. Data Analytics 12th October, 2017  
  bitJob Student Coin (STU) 6,111.73 ETH bitJob is building a blockchain-based ecosystem for students to network with employers in order to learn and gather experience by working in their free time for special rewards and incentives. Recruitment 12th October, 2017  
  DomRaider Token (DRT) 0.00 ETH DomRaider combines the maturity of an already established company with the value innovation of a concept to decentralize auctions through the blockchain. Payments 11th October, 2017  
  Bitindia 0.00 ETH Bitindia envisions building a blockchain wallet and exchange for the streets of india. Trading & Investing 11th October, 2017  
  Amber (AMB) 0.00 ETH Amber plans on using blockchain technology and smart contracts to verify the integrity of food and health products. Supply Chain & Logistics 11th October, 2017  
  Maecenas (ART) 48,469.96 ETH Maecenas aims to be a blockchain project under which art will be liquidable just like an asset. Art & Music 7th October, 2017  
  Agora (AGO) 271.59 ETH Agora seeks to become a truly decentralized marketplace through their Ethereum ICO; utilizing the blockchain's smart contract logic. Finance 4th October, 2017  
  Centra (CTR) 8.55 ETH Centra poised to become a multi-blockchain and worldwide debit card, loaded through a secure and insured wallet. Payments 4th October, 2017  
  VIBERATE (VIB) 0.00 ETH Viberate is revolutionizing the way musicians are booked for live performances by decentralizing discovery and booking procedures. Art & Music 4th October, 2017  
  Pylon-Token (PYLON) 0.00 ETH Pylon is a project that aims to create a network for exchanging renewable energy under a decentralized marketplace. Energy & Utilities 2nd October, 2017  
  Crystal Clear (CCT) 0.00 ETH Crystal Clear claims to be making real life services transparent, decentralized and more profitable for customers through cutting edge technologies. Infrastructure 1st October, 2017  
  Moosecoin (MOOSE) 0.00 ETH Moosecoin aspires to become the most used blockchain platform by musicians by creating an ecosystem with the goal of covering the needs of each aspect of their careers from the ground up. Art & Music 30th September, 2017  
  Monetha (MTH) 95,000.00 ETH Monetha is a payment solution utilizing ethereum's blockchain in order to provide merchants with globally trustful commerce. Payments 30th September, 2017  
  Avalon (AVA) 1,072.00 ETH Avalon is building a platform for group purchasing, through which cryptocurrency users will be able to utilize their buy power for greater discounts. Advertising 30th September, 2017  
  GoldenFleece (GFL) 32,589.45 ETH Golden Fleece seeks to build a datacenter for mining at the Georgian coast of the Black Sea. Mining 30th September, 2017  
  Nametoken (NAT) 0.00 ETH Nametoken is building an ethereum coin for the first decentralized domain marketplace system on ethereum's blockchain. Infrastructure 30th September, 2017  
  Macroverse (MRV) 0.00 ETH Macroverse is creating a procedurally generated universe to be made available for use in blockchain-based games. Gaming 29th September, 2017  
  Internxt (INXT) 981.00 ETH Welcome To A New Internet. Privacy & Security 28th September, 2017  
  Moeda (MDA) 0.00 ETH MOEDA is a banking-as-a-service platform that aims to offer financial transactioning services with a community focus. Finance 28th September, 2017  
  Wolk (WOLK) 17,356.06 ETH WOLK is an exchange for advertising data powered by blockchain technology. Advertising 28th September, 2017  
  EventCoins (EVC) 162.19 ETH Eventcoins are the currency of the "Eventchain" and part of a project that plans to use blockchain technology to serve the entertainment industry with a solution that could solve issues like ticket scalping and counterfeiting. Events & Entertainment 27th September, 2017  
  DiceyBit (DCBT) 0.00 ETH DiceyBit is an online casino with a focus on cryptocyrrency and unique multiplayer games. Gambling & Betting 27th September, 2017  
  Impak Coin (MPK) 0.00 ETH Imak is building an economy to fight against tough challenges like poverty and environmental destruction. Infrastructure 20th September, 2017  
  FLIK (FLIK) 0.00 ETH FLiK is a decentralized ecosystem for creative projects to be funded and produced under the FLiK network. Events & Entertainment 20th September, 2017  
  StreamShares (SSH) 0.00 ETH StreamSpace claims to be the most progressive platform for video in the world. Events & Entertainment 18th September, 2017  
  Kaizen (KZN) 0.00 ETH Kaizen is an ethereum coins that allows users to invest in blockchain based ventures to receive income in ETH based on performance. Trading & Investing 18th September, 2017  
  GLU (GLU) 0.00 ETH Gluon is building a network of interconnected vehicles for individuals and businesses to be able to monitor, track and diagnose issues on them. Advertising 18th September, 2017  
  Mill of Blood (TEIOS) 0.00 ETH A decentralized and autonomous solution for KYC and KYS verification processes, posing as a solution to the issue of data privacy by utilizing automation. Finance 16th September, 2017  
  Latium (LAT) 0.00 ETH Latium is a decentralized platform for community driven intiatives and projects. Recruitment 15th September, 2017  
  AQUA (AQUA) 0.00 ETH The Aqua Platform is planned to be used for the tokenization of water rights. Energy & Utilities 15th September, 2017  
  BitDice (CSNO) 0.00 ETH BitDice is a well established casino, and through its ethereum ICO investors were able to contribute in the expansion of its services. Gambling & Betting 15th September, 2017  
  SmartRE (SRE) 0.00 ETH SmartRE plans to be an ethereum tokenization cattering to both investors and owners; looking to cut out the middleman for buyers worldwide to access the US real estate market. Real Estate 14th September, 2017  
  Farad (FRD) 0.00 ETH The Farad ICO coin is going to be backed by the economic activity of producing 'Ultra-capacitors' in a factory setting. Energy & Utilities 13th September, 2017  
  Archain (ARC) 0.00 ETH Archain is using cryptocurrency to create an interactive internet archive service, utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology. Data Analytics 13th September, 2017  
  BETNetwork (BTN) 0.00 ETH The BET Network plans on being a platform for a decentralized betting system, solving traditional problems of gambling with blockchain tech and distributed applications (DAPPs). Gambling & Betting 11th September, 2017  
  Rivetz (RVT) 0.00 ETH Rivetz is set to become a decentralized network with the goal of improving the security of authentication devices. Privacy & Security 9th September, 2017  
  Monkey Capital (MNY) 0.00 ETH Monkey Capital's ICO is poised to fund a decentralized hedge fund in the hopes of facilitating cutting edge investments. Finance 9th September, 2017  
  StuffGoGo (SGG) 0.00 ETH StufGoGo is giving shape to a resilient, privacy and security centric eCommerence platform that will be utilizing the advantages of decentralized technology. Finance 9th September, 2017  
  Blocklancer (LNC) 0.00 ETH Blocklancer aims to build an autonomus and distributed marketplace for jobs on with its ethereum ICO. Recruitment 5th September, 2017  
  ATLANT (ATL) 0.00 ETH ATLANT is launching a real estate platform through which users will be able to tokenize ownership and cut the middleman in rentals. Real Estate 1st September, 2017  
  VeChain (VEN) 0.00 ETH VeChain is a solution for the verifiable authenticity of industrial products and is working with big clients in both China and Europe. Supply Chain & Logistics 31st August, 2017  
  iMPERIUM (MPRM) 0.00 ETH iMPRERIUM is building a platform for sports betting on the ethereum blockchain; utilizing its own proprietary software for zero fees to bettors. Gambling & Betting 27th August, 2017  
  LUX coin (LUX) 0.00 ETH LUX will act as a gateway to cryptocurrency for the reach and famous to facilitate transactions anonymously using its infrastructure. Social Network 25th August, 2017  
  CryptoMart (CRYPTOMART) 0.00 ETH CryptoMart is an ethereum ICO with the goal of crowdfunding a user-to-user cryptocurrency marketplace for goods and services. Advertising 25th August, 2017  
  Opus (OPT) 0.00 ETH Opus is a platform with the goal of decentralizing music distribution, this way cutting the middleman and giving more power to musicians. Art & Music 21st August, 2017  
  Neblio Token (NEBL) 0.00 ETH Nebilo is building a platform for enterprise scale applications and services to be made available through its distributed ledger. Data Analytics 19th August, 2017  
  8 Circuit Studios (8BT) 0.00 ETH 8 Circuit studios envisions to create an ecosystem with the intention of revolutionizing game development and publishing. Gaming 18th August, 2017  
  Shopeo (SHP) 0.00 ETH Shopeo is creating a decentralized platform for e-commerence inspired by standards web shoppers are familiar with. Advertising 17th August, 2017  
  Mingo Token (MGT) 0.00 ETH Mingo is launching a gamified education platform that aims to make crypto as easy as sending a text message. Social Network 17th August, 2017  
  Stox (STX) 0.00 ETH Stox is a prediction market for financial markets as well as real world events based on Bancor. Finance 16th August, 2017  
  Hive (HVN) 0.00 ETH Hive is a platform through which any individual can provide small businesses with liquidity through the system's decentralized technology. Finance 14th August, 2017  
  Royal Kingdom Coin (RKC) 0.00 ETH RKG is an ethereum ICO with the goal of funding the company behind it, Royal Kingdom Enterprise; giving ICO coin holders access to special services as well as profit sharing. Finance 10th August, 2017  
  Fund Fantasy n/a A financial fantasy contest where users compete to craft the best portfolio. 21st February, 2018  
  Squeezer n/a Build auto-scalable serverless apps on top of blockchain technology. 21st February, 2018  
  Soma (pre-sale) n/a A decentralized social marketplace. 21st February, 2018  
  Miners At Work n/a A decentralized ecosystem to trade, mine, manufacture and provide crypto kiosks. 19th February, 2018  
  Socialx (pre-sale) n/a A decentralized social network. 19th February, 2018  
  Experty n/a Crypto Uber for knowledge sharing. Partners: Quantstamp, Bitcoin Suisse and more. 18th February, 2018  
  Crypto Credit Card n/a A crypto credits aggregator that lets you spend your crypto. 17th February, 2018  
  Getline Network n/a A P2P decentralized lending platform. 16th February, 2018  
  Vimarket n/a A virtual reality platform for experiencing virtual ownership before you buy. 15th February, 2018  
  Publiq n/a A censorship-free blockchain platform for media distribution. 15th February, 2018  
  Fortitude Ranch n/a A large survival community accepting new members. 14th February, 2018  
  Tombcare n/a Take care of the burial places of your loved ones remotely. 14th February, 2018  
  The Bee Token n/a A blockchain based platform for short term housing rentals. 13th February, 2018  
  Blockhive Ilp n/a Fundraising using loans designed to support the blockhive blockchain platform. 13th February, 2018  
  Tor-q-all n/a A platform for blockchain-based mobile phone and internet access. 12th February, 2018  
  Raison n/a An artificial intelligence platform for investment and personal finance. 11th February, 2018  
  Gameflip n/a A decentralized ecosystem for digital goods. 10th February, 2018 n/a A blockchain identity verification platform. 10th February, 2018  
  Coinstarter n/a A platform for cryptocurrency based fundraising. 9th February, 2018  
  Feral Coin n/a An advanced blockchain based commerce and payment solution. 9th February, 2018  
  Goldea n/a A cryptocurrency funding the exploration of a gold mine. 9th February, 2018  
  Potentiam n/a A blockchain-based, value rewarding music ecosystem. 9th February, 2018  
  Jincor n/a Genuinely simple smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business. 9th February, 2018  
  Stampify n/a A next-generation business governance platform. 8th February, 2018  
  Syncfab n/a Supply chain management tool to procure, track & organize your local parts production. 8th February, 2018  
  Kdbox / Kdx n/a African virtual bank and cryptocurrency built on Ethereum. 7th February, 2018  
  Gifto n/a A decentralized universal gifting protocol for content creators. 4th February, 2018  
  Popultrade n/a Create, join, or invest in any business. 3rd February, 2018  
  Lendoit n/a A decentralized peer-to-peer lending platform. 3rd February, 2018  
  Modultrade n/a Democratizing global trade with blockchain technology. 2nd February, 2018  
  Tokenpay n/a A decentralized and self-verifying payment platform project. 1st February, 2018  
  Refereum n/a A cryptocurrency that transforms video game marketing and engagement. 1st February, 2018  
  Epsilon n/a A blockchain based target search and task solution platform. 1st February, 2018  
  Cryptobnb n/a A hospitality marketplace for short term rentals. 30th January, 2018  
  Giftcoin n/a A cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes. 29th January, 2018  
  Allchain n/a A blockchain and IoT platform for the manufacturing industry. 29th January, 2018  
  Crowd Drive n/a Buy shares in ownership of your dream car. 28th January, 2018  
  Blunner n/a A cutting edge artificial intelligence web design system. 28th January, 2018  
  Lucid Exchange n/a Powering the derivatives market with blockchain technology. 26th January, 2018  
  Aida Market n/a AN Automated sales service with a decentralized database. 26th January, 2018  
  Energi Token n/a Decentralizing global energy markets by rewarding energy efficient behavior. 26th January, 2018  
  Kstar Coin n/a A blockchain platform for crowdfunding K-Pop concerts and events. 26th January, 2018  
  First Token Asia n/a Aspiring to be the leading Crypto Investment Bank. 25th January, 2018  
  Adbank n/a An online advertising platform built on Ethereum. 24th January, 2018  
  Florio n/a A blockchain based health platform that enables users to live healthy. 24th January, 2018  
  Algory n/a A powerful, multifunctional tool for cryptocurrency trading. 24th January, 2018  
  Hurify n/a A decentralized blockchain platform for IoT solution development. 24th January, 2018  
  Alchemy Byte n/a A single token that gives you access to 60+ cryptocurrencies. 24th January, 2018  
  Truedonate n/a A decentralized platform for fundraising. 24th January, 2018  
  Bcdiploma n/a A platform for certified data issuance like diplomas, professional certifications, etc. 24th January, 2018  
  Enjoy Life n/a A cryptocurrency payment and rewards platform. 24th January, 2018  
  Srcoin n/a A subscription revenue and asset based cryptocurrency. 24th January, 2018  
  Lucyd n/a An augmented reality (AR) display that looks like regular glasses. 23rd January, 2018  
  Aidcoin n/a A token for charitable giving on the Ethereum blockchain. 22nd January, 2018  
  Swissborg n/a A project with the objective to create a community owned Swiss CyberBank. 22nd January, 2018  
  Loomia n/a A decentralized marketplace for data exchange leveraging textile circuitry. 22nd January, 2018  
  Sorbase n/a An optimized cryptocurrency order execution system. 21st January, 2018  
  Cryptics n/a P2P crypto analytics based on artificial intelligence. 21st January, 2018  
  Safecrypt n/a Empowering the crypto trading community with advanced encryption. 21st January, 2018  
  Synthium Health n/a Aiming to transform the healthcare supply chain. 20th January, 2018  
  Blockpass n/a A decentralized ticket exchange and marketplace. Infrastructure 20th January, 2018  
  Coinvest n/a A decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies. 19th January, 2018  
  Parkapp Pay n/a An automatic decentralized payments platform behind the wheel. 19th January, 2018  
  Liq Platform n/a A solution for preventing illicit proceeds from being used in crypto. 19th January, 2018  
  Aworker n/a A decentralized professional platform built on Ethereum. 18th January, 2018  
  Fuzex n/a An all-in-one debit card for spending cryptocurrencies and earning rewards. 18th January, 2018  
  Vvtokens n/a Making electronic financial services more accessible and affordable. 18th January, 2018  
  Visacoin n/a A blockchain platform focused on maximum reliability and security. 18th January, 2018  
  Movement App n/a An app for an active lifestyle. 17th January, 2018  
  Librium n/a A decentralized, transparent digital labor platform. 17th January, 2018  
  Atb Coin n/a Blockchain with fast, secure and near-zero cost payments. 17th January, 2018  
  Cryptf n/a A cryptocurrency backed by stocks and bonds. 16th January, 2018  
  Aurora n/a Creating a decentralized banking and finance platform. 16th January, 2018  
  Dealbox n/a A blockchain business accelerator and crowdfunding platform. 16th January, 2018  
  Bank4you Group n/a A blockchain based mobile money remittance system. 15th January, 2018  
  Peculium n/a A savings management platform utilizing blockchain technology. 14th January, 2018  
  Luven Diagnostic n/a Promoting a unique cancer diagnosis technology. 14th January, 2018  
  Singularity Net n/a A platform for the decentralized AI economy. 14th January, 2018  
  Sirin Labs n/a Building secure, open-source consumer electronics. 14th January, 2018  
  Act n/a A decentralized autonomous organization that supports social justice. 14th January, 2018  
  Fund Platform n/a A platform for building trade and investment crypto funds. 12th January, 2018  
  Amor n/a A decentralized dating platform. 12th January, 2018  
  Xchainge n/a A new decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies. 12th January, 2018  
  Tcash n/a A decentralized exchange built on Ethereum. 12th January, 2018  
  Ignite n/a A truly decentralized and self-regulating ratings platform. 12th January, 2018  
  Icon n/a Building the largest decentralized network in the world. 12th January, 2018  
  Elpis Investments n/a An artificial intelligence (AI) crypto-assets investment fund. 11th January, 2018  
  Climatecoin n/a Use cryptocurrency to fight against climate change. 10th January, 2018  
  Polymerium n/a Building a plant for the production of motor oils. 10th January, 2018  
  Envion n/a Off-grid blockchain mining using renewable energy sources. 9th January, 2018  
  Bdcc n/a An international, big data cryptocurrency exchange. 9th January, 2018  
  Workpress n/a A decentralized marketplace for WordPress services. 9th January, 2018  
  Emu Project n/a A simple solution for the entire service industry. 9th January, 2018  
  Cryptoisbn n/a A crypto ISBN for the digital world. 9th January, 2018  
  Balehu Bucks (pre-sale) n/a Empowering local merchants and consumers through blockchain technology. 9th January, 2018  
  Familypoints n/a Bringing smart contracts to smart parents. 9th January, 2018  
  Odmcoin n/a Blockchain option for the oil and gas sector. 9th January, 2018  
  Red Pill Coin n/a A cryptocurrency that lets fans support creators. 9th January, 2018  
  Mytime n/a A decentralized platform that allows users to monetize their time. 9th January, 2018  
  B-umbrella n/a A blockchain based security service. 9th January, 2018  
  Security Plus Cloud n/a A comprehensive cyber security services provider. 9th January, 2018  
  Gaze Coin n/a A unit of exchange between users, advertisers & content makers. 8th January, 2018  
  Leap n/a An eSports federation powered by blockchain and smart contracts. 8th January, 2018  
  Mad Network n/a A decentralized network for the advertising industry. 8th January, 2018  
  Lh-crypto n/a A token that distributes monthly income from operational activities. 8th January, 2018  
  Rotharium n/a A business blockchain platform. 8th January, 2018  
  Tbis n/a An infrastructure company with a CaaS and IaaS model. 8th January, 2018